Free Pink Dress Mystery

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So This dress was in the spoilers a while ago and i thought it would be a free gift because stardoll was promoting something but actually this is much more interesting, it's like the hotel for dogs contest where you had to find all the dogs and then you got to keep one well here you have to help callie find all the pieces of the dress and then you get to keep it. I found this dress in a friends guestbook and now i'm on the hunt for it!!

Just click HERE to go to the page for this bit of the dress
It might be for UK users only so american useres need to use a proxy like

You can find the pieces here-
In a guestbook
In your album
Dolls And Games
Your Starbaazar
Medoll Editor

Free Stuff!

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Thanks to zoe.j.f for telling me this!!

Go to and then type

And in your suite you should have a littlest pet shop pet but i also got the Nintendo Ds aswell so...

Bollywood look-a-likes on stardoll! hot or not?

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Hii LOvely stardoll fans or bollywood fans!

Today I will show you the drastic differences and the beautiful similiraty's between the real bollywoodstars and stardoll dolls. On stardoll you can chose 5 bollywoodstardolls to dressup :our miss India Aishwarya Rai
our Best actress Rani Mukherji, our best dancer and handsome Hritikh Roshan,our glamourus & talented star kareena kapoor and our beauty Shilpa Shetty.

But do they really look like our real bollywoodstars?
Lets compare!

We will begin with Aishwarya Rai. Where are the beautiful blue eyes of our miss india? her eyebrows doesn't look the same and than the clothes.. have we seen Aish wearing these clothes? No! But I think we have to be glad that stardoll putted Aishwarya's doll on stardoll.. The doll doesn't look like Aishwarya but it has similarity's too. look at the hairstyle,the form of the face and the beautiful lips.
tell me your choise.. Is this doll hot or not?.

Rani Mukherji
Rani is a very good actress and has played lots of different roles. The clothes are really bunty aur bubly style or dil bole hadippa style! and yes this doll looks really like our Rani mukherji. but there is one difference: Where are the green/brown eyes of Rani? and why we can't choose a sari to dressup for this doll?. hot or not?... I think this doll is an average.
Hritikh Roshan

This outfit looks like the outfit that hritikh is wearing in the movie Jodha Akbar. Theface,hairstyle and outfit are making this doll a great look-a-like of our Hritkh Roshan. this doll is definitely hot!

Stardoll doesn't have only the typical Hritkh of the movie Jodha Akbar but also the hritikh of other movies. this doll can be the hritkh of krissh or the hritikh of dhoom2.
Kareena Kapoor

Our bebo looks always styleful and beautiful. she is a fashion icon for all the girls in the world. kareena can look classic,trendy,chic,sexy and indian. whatever she wears she looks stunning.
stardoll made a beautiful version of our bebo. but there are many things that are changed about our kareena kapoor. her style of clothing has become fabulous so why we can only choose bold clothes to dressup our kareena doll?.. that's a shame..
do you think this doll is hot or not? tell me in the comments.
I think kareena looks beautiful whatever she wears so this doll is hot!

Shilpa Shetty

Hot or not?
This doll looks really like our real bollywoodstar. I can't see differences, I just only see similarity's: the same body figure,the same hairstyle,the same face and the same style of clothing.. do you see any differences?..

The biggest question is: why are these bollywoodstar on stardoll and why is our king of bollywood( Amitabh bachan or sharukh khan) not on stardoll?
I think the answer is that these stars might have a link with hollywood..
do you know the answer than tell it to us!

Now we have seen all the differences and similiraty's.. but are the dolls hot or not?
That's up to you all... tell us in the comment what you think about it!!
lOts of lOve!

Free Stuff + Free gifts!!

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Sorry i haven't posted in while it's because i wanted to leave the contests at the top for a bit longer but i've decided to start posting again now!

So once again stardoll has lauunched the PSP campaign again for people in the U.K so we won't need to use a proxy(YEAH!!). I also like the fact that they have put the dates of release on top of the gfts aswell.But obviously the best thing has to be the free purple SCOOTER that we will get on halloween.....I can't wait for it!!

here is the link to the free stuff-
And for the american users you need to use a proxy to access them like

Free Nintendo DS on stardoll-

Use a dutch/Netherland proxy to get it like
and then type this in the browsing bar-
to recieve the DS for Free!!

There also have been rumours going around on stardoll about free Amy Diamond clothes but i decided not to post until i was sure they were free.....turns out that you only get the clothes if you buy her CD as it has a code written on it which will access the clothes so not free afterall!!

if you would like 2 gifts then all you have to do is just enter a halloween contest in the post below this one and tell me either in comments which one you want to enter or in my guestbook and your stardoll username so i can give you your free gifts for entering the contest!!
The Gifts will be form my other user fabfalah123 so if u don't recieve them from floppy786 don't think i lied because it will be sent from my other user!!

(everything in red/blue you can go to the link by clicking on it)

Contest which will be held at the Halloween party!

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here is a list of the contests which will be held at the halloween party-

you can only enter if your gonna commit to the contest.
All the Winners will be said on the 1st of November and will be posted on the clubs prez and the winners will be notified by mail!

1)Best Dressed
2)Win An Account
3)Sweet Suite
4)Pick A Name
5)Get Voted
6)Want To Party

1)The Best Halloween costume will get to be covergirl for Sweet Magazines Halloween Edition!

2)The winner will win a non-Superstar account which will have 30+ stardollars, Few gifts, some clothes, a decorated suite and The latest free gifts.

3)The winner will get to have their suite featured in suite magazine so the world can see just how great it is!!

4)This is similar with the Win an account contest except you will get to pick an account name and will get the same prize as the win an account contest but your's will be made uniquely just for you.

5)The winner will get their Suite, Album, Sceneries Voted by me and 4 other accounts for 7 days!

6)The winner will get to Model the HOTTEST new stardoll clothes for sweet magazine!!

How to enter-
To enter these contests you will have to go to my Guest Book(You can do that by clicking here) and will have to say the unique names of the contests, for the best dressed contest you will have to save your outfit in your album and tell me which page it is. Example-
I would like to enter the Best dressed my costtume is saved on the 5th page of my album.

Bollywood news about Bebo!

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Beautiful kareena kapoor talks about her new movie:

main aur mrs khanna.

her co star will be salman khan. they have known each other 20 years. when she was a child of 9 years salman khan was making a movie with her sister karishma kapoor. Kareena is very fond of salu.

Watch this video and enjoy!

प्यार कुछ कुब्शुरत चिएज़ है                   pyaar kuch khubsurat chiez hai                                
ये डरती                                                         yeh darti
ये नदिया                                                       yeh nadiya
ये रहना                                                          yeh rehna
और तुम                                                         aur tum
लेकिन  प्यार तोडी अकेले आता है           lekien pyaar todi akele aata hai
अपने साथ कोम्प्लिकाशन्स भी आता है apna saath complications bhi aata hai
मैं और मर्स खन्ना                                        main aur mrs . khanna

This year kareena has worked with all the khans.. so she says:
billu barber with sharukh khan
three idiots with amir khan
main aur mrs khanna with salman khan
and kurbaan with saif ali khan her lovely boyfriend.
but also Akshay kumar in the great movie kambhahkt ishq!
bebo can such strike her balance with all kind of different movies she has done.. so can play in kambhakht ishq as a glamour model and she can play as a terrorist wife in kurbaan.

kareena about love aaj kal:
''I have a little bit of the old world in me, I like the sepia tone, the romance that passion, I like that''.

Tips of our bebo in your relationship:

Be honest! and enjoy being in love!

Do you want to know more?
Than give a reaction.. or send a message on my
stardoll account:

LOts of Pyaar!

Amazing Album!

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So on stardoll this WEEK'S album winner is elsa_amy she is doing an amazing job with designing her album as you can probably see by the picture above! She says she gets her inspiration as she's doing an A-level in art so no wonder her album that good!! i would strongly recommend that you go to her album and vote 5/5 for it it's so amazing that it's even got recipes for smoothies!!

(click on the name in red above to go to her suite)

Free tinkerbell stuff

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New Tinker Bell clothes for free!!
follow these easy steps to claim them!
1. Go to or use another US proxy
2. Go to:
3. Log in

And to get some more free tinkerbell stuff-
1.Go to
2.enter in the urlbox:
3.Watch the trailer
4.Log in

Selling account!

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A fellow stardoll blogger Zetralp is selling her account. the best bidder will win the account and will also win 3 of her other accounts you can bid in her Guest book and the highest one will win.

(click on the red name to go to her Guestbook)

My Cyberbulling Story

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BEFORE YOUR READ- None of this is true so please don't be upset about it.

The Story of 13 year old Zoe

It all started when my friends had told me to join the social networking site Facebook. After about 3 weeks of happily facebooking i got a friend request from a girl who was in my school She was called Amber. Amber was in year Ten so i didn't know her very well as i was still in year 8 but i decided to accept. After that i logged off facebook and didn't go on until the following week.

I saw that i had a message in my inbox, when i looked it was from Amber. I opened it and read the following lines-
''Hey zoe what's my favourite tramp doing? I saw you in school and boy did you look ugly!! Tell me Zoe why are you so ugly?''

I didn't reply and just deleted the message before anyone else saw it. A few days later the i got another message from her with even meaner hings wrote about me, word i even shudder to say.
Then one day when i was walking back from school i saw Amber and a few of her friends walking behind me. Amber shouted
''Erh look at the trmp walking like she's the queen or something!''
And then the rest of her friends started shouting abuse at me, i started to walk quicker but i felt a cold hand on shoulder. But before i had any chance of getting away amber and all of her friends grabbed me and threw me on the floor and started to kick me. When i finally managed to escape and get home my parents asked me how i got bruised so badly. I just replied saying that i had fell down a hill at school, i on't hink they believed me but they let me go.

As a few weeks passed by i got a text on my phone saying-
''Hey fatty you really do make a great punch bag HAHA!''

That night i couldn't get any sleep, i didn't know who to tell or do what. i thought about telling my parents but they would worry to much so i didn't.

After a few weeks of continous bullying and cyber bulling i d4ecided i had, had enough. On my way back to school i saw broken pieces of glass on the floor, i picked up the sharpest one and hurried home. After i was home i hurried into my room and locked my door. I took the piece of glass out my bag and slit my wrist with it. After half and hour of bleeding i started to get really dizzy and before i knew it i was un-concious.

Now my parent know what happened they wish i had told them before, But now atleast they know i'm in a happier place- HEAVEN!


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Written by our new writer-chickbot

Hey Girls!,
No one wants to get hacked on 'Stardoll'. People even set up clubs to stop it but does that stop hackers from doing it? Simple answer: NO. Heres some tips on how NOT to get hacked.

1-) Never, never ever give your password to anyone! Don't trust anyone you don't know. Don't even trust the people you do know! (Exept you parent of course but why would they want it?!)

2-) The hacker can try to be your best friend. With this way; she/he will learn you information like age, country, name, surname, your favourite things, etc. So be sure your super careful, don't create your password using this information it can be really dangerous. And also don't give you real life information to anyone you don't know.

3-) Your password must be difficult to guess. Don't create your password easy. Try combining numbers, symbols, letters to make it extra safe! Your password should NOT be the same as your user name.

4-) The most common way to lose Stardoll accounts is revealing or trading passwords, This is against the stardoll rules!

5-) Save your User ID which you can find at 'My Account', and if you are ever hacked send it to stardoll to get your password back!

6-) Superstars, You are the most likely to get hacked for all the money and clothes that you have heres another tip just for superstars; When you buy stardollars you get an email from stardoll which includes 'Reference Number'. You can send thisnumber to stardol when you are hacked (like User ID).

If you follow these tips theres a small chance of you getting hacked.

Thanks for reading,


Editors Letter

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Edition 6
12th Oct 09

This week we have a few new editions to our staff.
especially in the writers section!!

on a different i chose this week's covergirl since she has such an amazing club and is such a generous person( not to me since i'm he cuzin) on stardoll.

I will also feature a cyber bulling story to match the theme of the week!

Edition 6

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Interview with the covegirl!

♥What do you like best about Stardoll?♥
making new friends, spending money(who doesn't) and making my suite modern and stylish!!

♥How would you describe your style?♥
i would describe my style as very unique and i like to add my own touches in everything especially making the bollyowood things more bollywood!!

♥What is your favorite brand in Starplaza?♥
Well i like loads but my favourite would be LE(limited edition)
it's just so unique

♥Did you play dress up when you where younger?♥
i loved to play dress when i was younger not that i'm much older now but i love to be so girly!

♥What celebrity do you think has the best personal style?♥
sheryl cole since on the X factor she's always wearing faboulas things!!

♥Would you like to say something to your fellow stardolls?♥
i would just like to say have fun and please vote me covergirl as it's been my dream every since i joined.

A note from me-The reason i have fabikra in a sari is because as a muslim she loves to watch bollywood films and absoulutely admires the acctresses and also cuz i also like sarees since we're cuzins!!

how rude is this?

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(click on the image to enlarge and the names in red to go to their suite)
Do you remeber the club miss_model_1(the club we are in contract with) well the owner of the club is really nice but her cousin(prettyangel677)....
well let's just say she's something else! Here's my convo with her-she had asked me to cheat and pick her as a winner for a model comp.

here is the agreement me and the clubs owner had-
Every month i will hold a contest in you club which i will call sweet mag model contest(which you will need to put as hot spot) and every month i will pick a winner and a girl who deserves a make-over)

Sweet Advice!!

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This week's prob is from iloveujack

hi i am lucy i am 16 and i have a big crush he's on stardoll to..he's name in real life is Jack his name on stardoll is boyfriendboybud he has a girlfriend also on stardoll i real life her name is Sara on stardoll her name is cherylcherrytop i wish he would belong with me..but no anfence she is quite pretty i need tips plz help should i leave them alone?

dear iloveujack...

Hmm, well I'd wait. He has a girlfriend remember? And you really don't want to turn into the girl who goes out with guys who already have girlfriends. You'd get a bad reputation.

I'd say just stay friends with him. If there's something worng, help him, if he needs someone to talk to, you should be the one he does talk to.
And who knows?! He might break up with her and fall for you! :)

Good Luck,

love spaznose

(click on the names to go to their suites)

Cyber Bullying Gift!

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Go here-
And get a free BFF necklace with your first post!
i think this is a great campaign that stardoll is doing!

Pre-Paid cards coming to the UK!

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so i was on stardoll ad i saw this banner on the side of my suite where the advertisments normally are and i saw this!!
Pre-Paid cards are now coming to the UK!! you an purchase them at Clinton or WHSmith.
I know what i will be wanting for my birthday!!

Shoutout To 03lollipop

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(Click on the names to go to their suite or the name of the club.)

This shoutout is for 03lollipop from baberoo88.

03lollipop has the most amazing club on stardoll. It has over 1000members. Topics are made everyday and there are amazing games,polls and guestbook comments. Comeon! Get down to 03lollipop and join the club YourStyleMag.

You won't regret it!!

from baberoo88

Note from me-
and i have acutally joined the club and i say it's worth joining!


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how a hurmika would look if you wore it!! hope you like it!!

Some thing which really touched me!

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I just thought i'd tell you a little something that happened to me. About a year ago I was in an abusive relationship, I was young and thought it was love so I didnt want to leave, I spent hours crying about how I felt ugly and unloved by everyone so i moved closer to my boyfriend but everytime it always ended in violence. He pushed me really far and i nearly did ' it' even though i wasnt ready. I eventually said enough and walked away. He kept begging me to come back but I never did.
I regret letting him do those things to me. I think the issue in violent relationships is that you feel in love but if your lover doesnt treat you right and doesnt love you back the way he should, its obvious that its not remember if you ever feel uncomfortable , beautiful girls are not afraid to say NO!

By FallingSky.

Editor's Letter!

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This week has been a very, VERY busy week for me i've been running late on almost everything. i thought i would have everything done earlier but then sandro44ka took her time replying to the message i send her about being covergirl so i couldn't do anything until she had found out she was covergirl because i would ruin the surprise So i waited and well i've got everything done on time!!
Some things may be up a bit late like thesweet advice as i've JUST sent it to sarah cuz i had forgotten about it(i'm thinking about putting a calender on her cuz i'm so forgetful) but this week has been an amazing week!!

If you all didn't know i've had the oppurtunity to interview mitchelmusso94 and schmileycyrus to figure out if they are the real mitchel musso and miley cyrus!! so if you have any questions send them to me here or on my user. I will be posting the questions and answers they gave me on the blog so you all know what happened!!

Editon 5!!!

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(click on the image to enlarge it and click on the red name below to go to her suite)

This week's covergirl is

Interview with the covergirl!!

What do you like best about Stardoll?
What I like best on Stardoll is Fashion

How would you describe your style?
Funny and colourful! If I see something original I know I must have it in my wardrobe. And I love being girlish, I mean, wearing dresses and mini. Since I can’t do it very often in rainy Latvia I do it on Stardoll.

What is your favorite brand in Starplaza?
I think it is Fudge and Pretty'n'Pink. And I love some celeb stores like Kohls. But I prefer bying clothes by using the search button.

Did you play dress up when you where younger?
Yes I did! I dressed up my Barbies every day, I had tons of clothes for them! And I still love dressing up on Stardoll.

What celebrity do you think has the best personal style?
I love Natalie Portman's style. She is always beautiful and smiling in her wonderful dresses! And I have never heard of any bad rumours about her. If I had an idol she would be it.

As an added adition i'll also let you all know that sandro44ka's imagainary friend when she was little was Simba from Lion King!

Our most dedicated worker!!

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(click to enlarge image + click on the name to go to her suite)

KayKayBabae1 is such and amazing girl in almost all of her starblogs there is some mention of us and one made just for us i would really recommend that you vote her covergirl since she is such a sweet and pretty girl.
so i just wanna say thank so so so much for being there every step of the way!!
This wouldn' be the first time she's advertised this club sometimes when i get friend requests nad i ask them how the found out abt me they'll say ''through kaykaybabae1's starblog.''
so making her covergirl was one way of saying thank you nad sticking up for her another way but i've got a usrprise instore for her!!

she did have some ugly tramp in her guestbook but i sorted her out!!

My Proof!

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(click on the image to enlarge)

lately i've been really into exposing people so when i saw this i thought ''why not try and re-create it just so people don't start believing anything they see.''
if i can do it then anyone can so you all need to see that you all just can't believe anyone if they have a picture or something like this as their proof!

(By the way i was only joking about thinking about making a new account and posing as vanessa)

Messages Glitch

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(click on the image to enlarge it)

UPDATE: like 1 hour after i posted this i've started getting 2 new messages i think it found out i was bad mouthing it lol!

Is anyone else having this messages glitch?
It says i have one new message but when i check i have no new messages or updates, i've been having this problem for one month now and it is really annoying!!

2 New Models!!

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So i had 2 modelling jobs avalible for the mag and i had a contest in the club(see that is why you should join the club as well because i post LOADS of contests there) and me and the other models picked aniita7 & pugpuppyash94 and here is their first photoshoot-Red Carpet Ready!!

(click on the image to enlarge it and the names in red to go to their suites!)

Free Stuff in suite shop!!

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Some Free Things in the ''Suite Shop'' feels wierd saying that cuz i still say minishop so...

Fake Presentations!

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stardoll has now got loads of posers on it and some of the poser finders make a new account stating to be a celeb and then say that they are the aofficial celebrity-here is a picture of a posers prez(or as the poser finder has named it-the real vannessa hudgens) and my prez. Tell the difference?? p.s. please do not think i mean this poser finder who makes a new account and promotes the celeb.

trial post!!

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haha just checking this out cuz all the blogs have them so here's ours!

interviewing!!!+ contest!!

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hahah i have just grabbed an interview with ''mitchel musso'' to figure out if he's the real deal or not so if you have anymore questions which i could ask then send me them in the comments thanks!!!

we are also having contest which includes 5 superstars for good make-up(we laready have 4)
and 5 non-superstars for costume(we have none) so if you would like to enter go to the club and write your name or go to my starblog and write your name there or maybe here in the comments(i will need your stardoll username not real name)
you can go to the club by going on the join this club button on the side.