contest to party with the elites!

Sunday, 20 December 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 04:38

have you ever wondered what it's like to party with some of stardoll's top elites??

well here is you chance to find out, we at stardoll & fashionistas are holding a contest to party with the stardoll elites!

if you would like to enter then dress your medoll in a gorgeous party outfit and the 5 best dressed ones will get to party with the elites an our staff members!

How to enter-
dress your medoll in a gorgeous outfit
save in your album or upload to tinypic
tell me(floppy786) in my guestbook the link or what page the mdeoll is saved in
wait to find out if you win!

floppy786 xoxo

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  1. yeh im in
    my albums not workin its deletin every thing i put in
    so mine is me wearin it at suite

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