New designer!!!

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Here is some of her AMAZING WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posers Exposed!!

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so this is a new feature and here it is!

Sweet Advice!!

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Editon 4-26 Sept 09

So here is our second bit of advice to(now you know how busy we are)-D.U.L.J.C

I have this big problem I'm in I'm really, really in love with one guy for a year now. And he ignored me last year Plus he has a girl-friend So I don't know what to do. He's acting different this year ( to me) Which I don't know what should mean But that girlfriend that he has is so mean to me And no-one likes her (except him) Please tell me what to do Should I forget about him Or do something I would if he didn't have a girl-friend.
Okay, whatever you do, don't make any moves on him. If the girlfriend's as mean as she sounds, and if she found out, you'd never hear the end of it. Plus, the guy might not appreciate you flirting with him when you know he has a girlfriend. I'd say just stay friends with him. Don't completely forget about him, just be there for him when he needs someone, who knows? If he breaks up with the girl, he might fall for you! Haha Good Luck!

So you might not know But my really close friend died like at the beginning of this year And everybody said live on and be strong I even tried to kill myself And I followed the life But now after months I'm feeling really lonely Even though I have so many good friends I can feel that one part of my heart is missing Sure I talked about this with people But nothing helps Please if u know a way Tell me.
Oh gosh. I am so, so sorry.
Well, first of all, you have to know that she is in a better place now, and she'd want you to be happy. If you try to hurt yourself in any way, or even take your own life, it will only make you and all of your loved ones feels worse. I've never experienced anything like this before, so I don't know what your going through, but, just be strong. Talk to people when your feeling down and try to think of better times with her, rather than the worse. Hopefully your friends will help you too.

Good Luck with everything,

Love Sarahxxx

Editor's letter

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Well this is my first Editors letter as i only just thought of the idea now lol! this week our covergirl chose the theme girly party so i thought why not make the cover look very party-ish? and obviously i would have to make it spectacular as she is also my assistant but not only that but she is one of the reasons that sweet magazine has made it this far- she has been advertising it in her starblog and everywhere she can i've had loads more friend requests and when i ask them where they find out about me they say-from kaykaybabae1's starblog honestly she's got about 3 starblogs about this magazine... and well i just thought this would be a nice way of saying thanks for all you've done from all the staff at Sweet Magazine!

Now on to other things-we have now officially launched a sweet advice coloumn whose writer will be spaznose(sarah) as she has just been the sweetest thing ever giving me advice when ever needed and i really can't imagine what this magazine would be like wihout her.. i mean she's just a big no wait HUGE part of this magazine and i don't know where we would be without her so thank you spaznos for doing everythng you have done!!

We also have a new Designer for the blog-lillypy for 1 month i have been looking for a designer willing to work for the blog and i have found a very down-to-earth designer i honestly couldn't have asked for a better designer myself- from this week we will be featuring her designs on the blog every week!!oxoxo


P.S if anyone know's anyone who needs advice or has a problem then contact me on stardoll and tell me about it and we'll help you in anyway we can and if you'ce had a problem with hackers/scammers tell us aswell

Sweet Advice!!

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Edition 4-26 sept 09

So as you all kow by the name we have started a new advice coloumn called....
Sweet Advice.
The writer will be spaznose(model for sweet magazine) as well i thought she has always been here for me when i needed her and that she is an amazing advice giver so i thought who better than her??

Our first every problem is from paigeefron-

I like this person so how do i make them notice me more?
Talk to him!! That's the only thing I can say, guys love it when girls can speak to them normally. Ask him what he loves, and if you already know that, talk about it! He'll love that you know about the same sort of stuff he does. Hopefully he'll want to see you more and more, and even just becoming good friends is a bonus!

People keep asking me 4 my bracelets and it gets annoying but i give them some because i am a nice person-how do i make me be less nice?
Well, first of all, why would you want to become less nice? You must be a lovely person to give everyone so many of your things, and they must love you for it! You must have an amazing wardrobe if all your friends want to borrow everything from you!
So, if you really want to be less nice, I'd say just don't give them as much stuff, you need your things too right? Tell them that and hopefully they'll understand.

I'm vegeterian but my mom keeps trying to feed me meat how do i make this stop?
Tough one :) I think you just have to tell your mom straight out that you don't think eating animals is right, and that you'd really appreciate it if she let you eat what you want. I think that's really important. Hopefully your mum will understand! :) Good luck!

spaznose xx

Newest editon out!!

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Interview with the covergirl!!

What do you like best about Stardoll?
What I like best about Stardoll is being able to do things like this. I mean what an opportunity it is to be CG of a magazine. Sweet Mag has changed my life and I want everyone to have chances like this. Also meeting amazing people is amazing.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as girly with an edge. That may sound a bit random but personally its amazing. :') Like if I was wearing a super girly dress, I would toughen it with a baggy cardigan, shoobs a ton of necklaces and thick eyeliner.

What is your favorite brand in Starplaza?
My favourite brand would be.... Evil Panda and Rio. I Just adore them soo much. Bisou, Basics, Kohls and the Stardoll shop are fantastic thouu aswell. I buy from everywhere thouu and that makes your wardrobe have quality.

Did you play dress up when you where younger?
Yeah of course I played dress up!! Didn't everyone?? Hahah. I loved discovering fashion and everything like that. I loved it all.

What celebrity do you think has the best personal style?

Celebrity with the best personal style would be... Cheryl Cole, Tyra Banks, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Momsem and Pixie Lott. They aree all individual and stand for what they believe in.

Thanks youu this has been an amazing opportunity. x

KayKayBabae1 x

make-over for candyace.

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this was just a quick one and i cudn't do a lot apart from change the hair so i tried my best!!

make-over for mariabellsat!!

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So this make-over i did for my friend mariabellsat and what i've tried to do is tone down her look and tried to use brighter colours to enhance her beauty!!

(click on the image to enlarge it!!)


fabikra photoshoot!!

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ok so i decided to do a photoshoot for my cuzin fabikra but i will be doing this to all my staff so tell me what you think!!


Fierce clothes!

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prettyangel677's make-over

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Ok so lately i have done quite a few of these but it's just because i am really enjoying doing them so if you know anyone who wants a make-over please tell me in my GB!
This make-over was on prettyangel677 so tell me what you think!!

(click on the things in blue to go to the pages)



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Hey so this is the 2nd time in one day that stardoll has put out more spoilers and hee hey are also i would just like to say-Happy 40 Millionth Member Stardoll!!

40 Million Members Spoilers!

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bathroom spoilers

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Just For The Eyes Of Staff!

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ok here is the spoiler cheat i have put it right up-to-date!!
you can use it whenever!! and it's pretty much for me to remember what it is because my computer always gets new windows!!

My BFF On Stardoll!!

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14th Sept 09
Written by floppy786

So this week we have a new feature to add to the magazine called-My BBF On Stardoll
. i thought who better to kick this new feature off then my new assistant kaykaybabae1. And when i asked her she chose FabMisty77. She says that she is one of the most talented people on stardoll.

Some info about her-

She has just started secondry school and has a dog called sammy who is a jack russel.
She is in love with rob Pattinson and (like most stardoll members) Twilight(she has also just finished reading the books). Her BBF on stardoll is cullengrl7. Her favourite Pizza,Chinese food and Pasta. Her favourite colours are dark purple,black and red. Her album is really cool and it consists of her cullengrl7 and a page about Twilight.
She Also has some amazing sceneries which are really quite funny in a nice way!

(click on her name (above in blue) to go to her page)

Make-over is at the top!!


girly party catwalk!

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(Click to go and see their page)

Refrigerator Magnets

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interview with the covergirl!!

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Edition 3-12th sept 09
Written by floppy786


What do you like best about Stardoll?
The fashion and how new stocks of clothes and accerisoes come into the starplaza.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as unique and very colourful.I like to have a crazy and rock theme to me aswell.

What is your favorite brand in Starplaza?
DKNY because this season is reasonable prices and very nice designs.

Did you play dress up when you where younger?
No i discovered stardoll when I was 8.

What celebrity do you think has the best personal style?
I think Ashley Tisdale because she can really express and show off her fashion side.

(Click on the name in blue to go to her page)

Edition 3!

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so this boy on stardoll called-ILoveGirlies.
is going on stardoll to ask girls out and when they reject him he starts swearng at them and literally bad mouthing them and posting bad comments on their profile i know this because he done this to ME! He was posting mean comments and swearing at me when i said no!! And worst thing of all is that he doesn't care about being reported!!

please click on his name(at the top in blue) to see his profile and repot him!


make-up tips by bethlouise96!

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Edition 2
6rd September 09
written by bethlouise96

For Red carpet make up (all for superstar though):

Peachy Blush 8 Stardollers

Mascara – 3 Stardollers

Black Eye kohl – 6 Stardollers

Blush pink lipstick – 8 Stardollers

Orange shade stick – 8 Stardollers

White collection eye pencil – 6


fashion tips by bethlouise96!

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Edition 2
3rd September 09
Written by bethlouise96

Ok, I have been asked to write about the topic of the Red Carpet! Glitz .Everyone now that celebs on the red carpet come with a price but on Stardoll that tag came come just that is cheaper! For the best looks Voile has some stunning dresses but not everyone has a superstar account:

Red Carpet Glamour on Stardoll!

Voile stiletto heels – 5 Stardollers

Voile pantyhose – 3 Stardollers

Fudge high waisted skirt – 5 Stardollers

RIO Crown print pullover – 5 Stardollers

Rio Dress – 5 Stardollers

Front cut-out dress – 8 Stardollers


september hotbuys!!

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Here are Stardoll's September hotbuys!


new stuff at the starplaza!!

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so here are the new things in the staplaza!!


new stuff coming!!

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ok so this is what is coming to stardoll it could be on kohls or candies so not too sure about which shop.


Free PSP Bag!!

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How to get it: Click here. When the page load, sign in the box: , click "Go". When the page load, log in to your stardoll account from the left of this page. When you log in, wait for a few minutes and log out. When you log out, go to the real stardoll, by clicking here. When you go to stardoll, log in t your account again, and go to your suite, you will see a giftbox, open it and the PSP bag will appear at your suite.


new banner!!

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wow have you seen this banner made by MKA-RC-LOVER
it's the best ever!

Interview With The Covergirl!!

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1st September 09
Interviewed by floppy786

So for our newest section-Interview With The Covergirl we asked this week's covergirl(spaznose) a few questions to see what they think of stardoll.

What do you like best about Stardoll?
The thing I like best about Stardoll is obviously the clothes! And they amazing outfits some people can come up with. But of course, I adore my friends on here as well. I don't think I could live without them!

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as laid back and easy. I love outfits that look amazing, but only have a few items in it!

What is your favorite brand in Starplaza?
My favourite brand in Starplaza is defintely Bisou. They have such amazing clothes, and they all have a tinge of retro in them, which I love.

Did you play dress up when you where younger?
Of course I used to play dress up when I was younger! I had a Snow White costume that I would wear absolutley everywhere, and I would hardly take it off! I think that's why I was so drawn to Stardoll. It's like dressing up your own virtual Barbie Doll! Haha

What celebrity do you think has the best personal style?
Of course I love what the Olsen Twins wear, and I think the girls off Gossip Girl have such gorgeous clothes. I also love Lady Gaga's style. Even though it's something you would never step out your front door in, I still love the wackyness of her designs!