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Saturday, 26 September 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 05:33

Edition 4-26 sept 09

So as you all kow by the name we have started a new advice coloumn called....
Sweet Advice.
The writer will be spaznose(model for sweet magazine) as well i thought she has always been here for me when i needed her and that she is an amazing advice giver so i thought who better than her??

Our first every problem is from paigeefron-

I like this person so how do i make them notice me more?
Talk to him!! That's the only thing I can say, guys love it when girls can speak to them normally. Ask him what he loves, and if you already know that, talk about it! He'll love that you know about the same sort of stuff he does. Hopefully he'll want to see you more and more, and even just becoming good friends is a bonus!

People keep asking me 4 my bracelets and it gets annoying but i give them some because i am a nice person-how do i make me be less nice?
Well, first of all, why would you want to become less nice? You must be a lovely person to give everyone so many of your things, and they must love you for it! You must have an amazing wardrobe if all your friends want to borrow everything from you!
So, if you really want to be less nice, I'd say just don't give them as much stuff, you need your things too right? Tell them that and hopefully they'll understand.

I'm vegeterian but my mom keeps trying to feed me meat how do i make this stop?
Tough one :) I think you just have to tell your mom straight out that you don't think eating animals is right, and that you'd really appreciate it if she let you eat what you want. I think that's really important. Hopefully your mum will understand! :) Good luck!

spaznose xx

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