Interview With The Covergirl!!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 10:12

1st September 09
Interviewed by floppy786

So for our newest section-Interview With The Covergirl we asked this week's covergirl(spaznose) a few questions to see what they think of stardoll.

What do you like best about Stardoll?
The thing I like best about Stardoll is obviously the clothes! And they amazing outfits some people can come up with. But of course, I adore my friends on here as well. I don't think I could live without them!

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as laid back and easy. I love outfits that look amazing, but only have a few items in it!

What is your favorite brand in Starplaza?
My favourite brand in Starplaza is defintely Bisou. They have such amazing clothes, and they all have a tinge of retro in them, which I love.

Did you play dress up when you where younger?
Of course I used to play dress up when I was younger! I had a Snow White costume that I would wear absolutley everywhere, and I would hardly take it off! I think that's why I was so drawn to Stardoll. It's like dressing up your own virtual Barbie Doll! Haha

What celebrity do you think has the best personal style?
Of course I love what the Olsen Twins wear, and I think the girls off Gossip Girl have such gorgeous clothes. I also love Lady Gaga's style. Even though it's something you would never step out your front door in, I still love the wackyness of her designs!


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