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Saturday, 26 September 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 05:41

Well this is my first Editors letter as i only just thought of the idea now lol! this week our covergirl chose the theme girly party so i thought why not make the cover look very party-ish? and obviously i would have to make it spectacular as she is also my assistant but not only that but she is one of the reasons that sweet magazine has made it this far- she has been advertising it in her starblog and everywhere she can i've had loads more friend requests and when i ask them where they find out about me they say-from kaykaybabae1's starblog honestly she's got about 3 starblogs about this magazine... and well i just thought this would be a nice way of saying thanks for all you've done from all the staff at Sweet Magazine!

Now on to other things-we have now officially launched a sweet advice coloumn whose writer will be spaznose(sarah) as she has just been the sweetest thing ever giving me advice when ever needed and i really can't imagine what this magazine would be like wihout her.. i mean she's just a big no wait HUGE part of this magazine and i don't know where we would be without her so thank you spaznos for doing everythng you have done!!

We also have a new Designer for the blog-lillypy for 1 month i have been looking for a designer willing to work for the blog and i have found a very down-to-earth designer i honestly couldn't have asked for a better designer myself- from this week we will be featuring her designs on the blog every week!!oxoxo


P.S if anyone know's anyone who needs advice or has a problem then contact me on stardoll and tell me about it and we'll help you in anyway we can and if you'ce had a problem with hackers/scammers tell us aswell

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