Safe Stardoll??? By hillola

Tuesday, 18 August 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 11:01

stardoll are a comination of two words star and doll . That means all the members in stardoll are stars but the only thing that defind a star is manners... Lots of people in stardoll use lots of bad language without thinking that some kids might see it and might even use it!!! so insted of playing and having fun they will have a dictionary ful of bad and wrong words. Not saying that the stardoll team not trying to stop them but these people use a smart way so they don't get caught by the team like using @ -* -$ -^ or even letters sometime!!! That's why we have to stand up for this site and help make it safer for the kids so they will be able to have fun, and we'll be able to sleep at night.............

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