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So this is what you need-
White Colour Eye shadow – 5 Stardollers
Plum Eye shadow – 5 Stardollers
Black Eyeliner Kohl – 6 Stardollers
Black Fluid Eyeliner – 3 Stardollers
Peach Lipstick-8 Stardollers
Dusty Pink Blush-8 Stardollers

1. Apply the White Colour Eye Shadow in the inner corner of your eye and then the Plum Eye Shadow at the outer corner. It depends on how to dark you want it if you want a really dramatic look then do it darker but i've done it lightly.

2. Then apply the Black Eyeliner Kohl in the middle of your bottom eyelashes taking it to the end of your eye. Then take the Black Fluid Eyeliner and apply it to your top eyelashes just before the tear drop and then take a thin line to the end, almost making a little cirle by joining the eyeliners together.

3.Finally apply the Peach Lipstick to your lips and then apply the Dusty Pink Blush to your cheeks. I chose this blush because it looks really natural if you like you can go for a darker colour for a more dramatic look but i chose not to.

And that's it your done!! You've got a gorgeous make-up look in minutes!!

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    WAW That was very good! & Thanks!!!! XD

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