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Tuesday, 18 August 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 06:25

Aug 17th 09
Non Superstars Have recently had a new selection of clothes out in KOHL’S!
The most popular clothes on sale is most of the KOHL’S Brands: Candies’ That has a casual but unique Style to it, Abbey Dawn that has a punky and layered appearance.
The Outfit in everyone’s wardrobe on this week is definitely the KOHL’S Collection. However Some of the ruffled Shirts can make your Stardoll look like it has no curves!

Things to have this august-
Candies’ Ruched Ikat Halter Top – 5 Stardollers
Candies’ Animal Scarf – 3 Stardollers
Candies’ Plaid Tube – 10 Stardollers
Abbey Dawn Rock Punk Glam Burnout Tee – 5 Stardollers
Candies’ Landin Boots - 7 Stardollers
Abbey Dawn Rock Skinny Jeans – 7 Stardollers

Stardoll Has some Popular Non superstar Items too…:
Strappy Heels – 5 Stardollers
Stardoll Dress – 6 Stardollers
Audrey Dress – 5 Stardollers

Idoru Necklace – 4 Stardollers
Fudge Multicolored Bangles – 1 Stardoller
There is a Basic Brand that has been around for a while now, and your Play and Earn money will contribute nicely to anything from the popular items or Basic Items too!

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