Never Ending items

Saturday, 21 November 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 10:30

hi, it's --KIWI123-- telling you all the never ending items on stardoll!!

i'm here with the most wanted items!!!
they are-

DKNY scuba - 320 sd
DKNY skyscraper - 450 sd
Twilight designs - up to 30 sd
Elizabeth and james - 300 sd
New look hotbuys dress - 120 sd

some items i think will never die out are the-

LE-(no matter how exspensive, ppl save for months for these clothes!)
E&J- i have seen so many people bidding for these items in presentations and GBs
DKNY- 1 of the top fashion shops on stardoll!
kohls- always the best for non-superstars

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