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Saturday, 21 November 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 06:26

Mel, or bluegreen86, is a big role model for stardoll and for myself.
many people look upto her for some fashion advise, or just a friendly chat and she is always there whenever you need her to be, But when asked who her role model is...well her answer wasn't quite expected!!
What shop in the starplaza do you think has the most unique clothes?
I personally think that the most unique clothing is in Tingling! They always have the costume looks, and the over-the-top wardrobe pieces! I do not buy many things from Tingling, but when I want an exciting piece I certainly check their clothing out first!

What shop inspires you most?
Wow good question, well Im not sure if I can chose just one shop that inspires me most becaue usually I just look at the new things for a new color, print, or pattern and the articles of clothing from different shops inspire me! i love volume and the textures that stardoll creates and I feel like most commonly those items are placed in Rio, so maybe Rio!

Where are you inspired most?
I think I am inspired most in my room on a rainy day! Im not sure why, but that is just always the case! Something about the atmosphere just always inspires me!

Who is your role model?
My biggest rolemodel has to be my mum!

Why is she/he your role model?
Not only does she have an amazing and bubbly personality and style, but she has overcome so many obstacles and has given up so much in her life! I just love her and want to be just like her!

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