Bollywood look-a-likes on stardoll! hot or not?

Sunday, 25 October 2009 , Posted by bebo17entertainment at 08:33

Hii LOvely stardoll fans or bollywood fans!

Today I will show you the drastic differences and the beautiful similiraty's between the real bollywoodstars and stardoll dolls. On stardoll you can chose 5 bollywoodstardolls to dressup :our miss India Aishwarya Rai
our Best actress Rani Mukherji, our best dancer and handsome Hritikh Roshan,our glamourus & talented star kareena kapoor and our beauty Shilpa Shetty.

But do they really look like our real bollywoodstars?
Lets compare!

We will begin with Aishwarya Rai. Where are the beautiful blue eyes of our miss india? her eyebrows doesn't look the same and than the clothes.. have we seen Aish wearing these clothes? No! But I think we have to be glad that stardoll putted Aishwarya's doll on stardoll.. The doll doesn't look like Aishwarya but it has similarity's too. look at the hairstyle,the form of the face and the beautiful lips.
tell me your choise.. Is this doll hot or not?.

Rani Mukherji
Rani is a very good actress and has played lots of different roles. The clothes are really bunty aur bubly style or dil bole hadippa style! and yes this doll looks really like our Rani mukherji. but there is one difference: Where are the green/brown eyes of Rani? and why we can't choose a sari to dressup for this doll?. hot or not?... I think this doll is an average.
Hritikh Roshan

This outfit looks like the outfit that hritikh is wearing in the movie Jodha Akbar. Theface,hairstyle and outfit are making this doll a great look-a-like of our Hritkh Roshan. this doll is definitely hot!

Stardoll doesn't have only the typical Hritkh of the movie Jodha Akbar but also the hritikh of other movies. this doll can be the hritkh of krissh or the hritikh of dhoom2.
Kareena Kapoor

Our bebo looks always styleful and beautiful. she is a fashion icon for all the girls in the world. kareena can look classic,trendy,chic,sexy and indian. whatever she wears she looks stunning.
stardoll made a beautiful version of our bebo. but there are many things that are changed about our kareena kapoor. her style of clothing has become fabulous so why we can only choose bold clothes to dressup our kareena doll?.. that's a shame..
do you think this doll is hot or not? tell me in the comments.
I think kareena looks beautiful whatever she wears so this doll is hot!

Shilpa Shetty

Hot or not?
This doll looks really like our real bollywoodstar. I can't see differences, I just only see similarity's: the same body figure,the same hairstyle,the same face and the same style of clothing.. do you see any differences?..

The biggest question is: why are these bollywoodstar on stardoll and why is our king of bollywood( Amitabh bachan or sharukh khan) not on stardoll?
I think the answer is that these stars might have a link with hollywood..
do you know the answer than tell it to us!

Now we have seen all the differences and similiraty's.. but are the dolls hot or not?
That's up to you all... tell us in the comment what you think about it!!
lOts of lOve!

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