Contest which will be held at the Halloween party!

Sunday, 18 October 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 05:32

here is a list of the contests which will be held at the halloween party-

you can only enter if your gonna commit to the contest.
All the Winners will be said on the 1st of November and will be posted on the clubs prez and the winners will be notified by mail!

1)Best Dressed
2)Win An Account
3)Sweet Suite
4)Pick A Name
5)Get Voted
6)Want To Party

1)The Best Halloween costume will get to be covergirl for Sweet Magazines Halloween Edition!

2)The winner will win a non-Superstar account which will have 30+ stardollars, Few gifts, some clothes, a decorated suite and The latest free gifts.

3)The winner will get to have their suite featured in suite magazine so the world can see just how great it is!!

4)This is similar with the Win an account contest except you will get to pick an account name and will get the same prize as the win an account contest but your's will be made uniquely just for you.

5)The winner will get their Suite, Album, Sceneries Voted by me and 4 other accounts for 7 days!

6)The winner will get to Model the HOTTEST new stardoll clothes for sweet magazine!!

How to enter-
To enter these contests you will have to go to my Guest Book(You can do that by clicking here) and will have to say the unique names of the contests, for the best dressed contest you will have to save your outfit in your album and tell me which page it is. Example-
I would like to enter the Best dressed my costtume is saved on the 5th page of my album.

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  1. wauw! so many great contests..
    I will tell you in your guestbook which contests I will join.

    lOts of Pyaar!

  1. -Zoeii&X3 says:

    WAW! Can I Be Enterd? zoe.j.f

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