My Cyberbulling Story

Monday, 12 October 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 09:30

BEFORE YOUR READ- None of this is true so please don't be upset about it.

The Story of 13 year old Zoe

It all started when my friends had told me to join the social networking site Facebook. After about 3 weeks of happily facebooking i got a friend request from a girl who was in my school She was called Amber. Amber was in year Ten so i didn't know her very well as i was still in year 8 but i decided to accept. After that i logged off facebook and didn't go on until the following week.

I saw that i had a message in my inbox, when i looked it was from Amber. I opened it and read the following lines-
''Hey zoe what's my favourite tramp doing? I saw you in school and boy did you look ugly!! Tell me Zoe why are you so ugly?''

I didn't reply and just deleted the message before anyone else saw it. A few days later the i got another message from her with even meaner hings wrote about me, word i even shudder to say.
Then one day when i was walking back from school i saw Amber and a few of her friends walking behind me. Amber shouted
''Erh look at the trmp walking like she's the queen or something!''
And then the rest of her friends started shouting abuse at me, i started to walk quicker but i felt a cold hand on shoulder. But before i had any chance of getting away amber and all of her friends grabbed me and threw me on the floor and started to kick me. When i finally managed to escape and get home my parents asked me how i got bruised so badly. I just replied saying that i had fell down a hill at school, i on't hink they believed me but they let me go.

As a few weeks passed by i got a text on my phone saying-
''Hey fatty you really do make a great punch bag HAHA!''

That night i couldn't get any sleep, i didn't know who to tell or do what. i thought about telling my parents but they would worry to much so i didn't.

After a few weeks of continous bullying and cyber bulling i d4ecided i had, had enough. On my way back to school i saw broken pieces of glass on the floor, i picked up the sharpest one and hurried home. After i was home i hurried into my room and locked my door. I took the piece of glass out my bag and slit my wrist with it. After half and hour of bleeding i started to get really dizzy and before i knew it i was un-concious.

Now my parent know what happened they wish i had told them before, But now atleast they know i'm in a happier place- HEAVEN!

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