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Hey Girls!,
No one wants to get hacked on 'Stardoll'. People even set up clubs to stop it but does that stop hackers from doing it? Simple answer: NO. Heres some tips on how NOT to get hacked.

1-) Never, never ever give your password to anyone! Don't trust anyone you don't know. Don't even trust the people you do know! (Exept you parent of course but why would they want it?!)

2-) The hacker can try to be your best friend. With this way; she/he will learn you information like age, country, name, surname, your favourite things, etc. So be sure your super careful, don't create your password using this information it can be really dangerous. And also don't give you real life information to anyone you don't know.

3-) Your password must be difficult to guess. Don't create your password easy. Try combining numbers, symbols, letters to make it extra safe! Your password should NOT be the same as your user name.

4-) The most common way to lose Stardoll accounts is revealing or trading passwords, This is against the stardoll rules!

5-) Save your User ID which you can find at 'My Account', and if you are ever hacked send it to stardoll to get your password back!

6-) Superstars, You are the most likely to get hacked for all the money and clothes that you have heres another tip just for superstars; When you buy stardollars you get an email from stardoll which includes 'Reference Number'. You can send thisnumber to stardol when you are hacked (like User ID).

If you follow these tips theres a small chance of you getting hacked.

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