Our most dedicated worker!!

Saturday, 3 October 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 10:55

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KayKayBabae1 is such and amazing girl in almost all of her starblogs there is some mention of us and one made just for us i would really recommend that you vote her covergirl since she is such a sweet and pretty girl.
so i just wanna say thank so so so much for being there every step of the way!!
This wouldn' be the first time she's advertised this club sometimes when i get friend requests nad i ask them how the found out abt me they'll say ''through kaykaybabae1's starblog.''
so making her covergirl was one way of saying thank you nad sticking up for her another way but i've got a usrprise instore for her!!

she did have some ugly tramp in her guestbook but i sorted her out!!

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