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Thursday, 8 October 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 07:50

This week's prob is from iloveujack

hi i am lucy i am 16 and i have a big crush he's on stardoll to..he's name in real life is Jack his name on stardoll is boyfriendboybud he has a girlfriend also on stardoll i real life her name is Sara on stardoll her name is cherylcherrytop i wish he would belong with me..but no anfence she is quite pretty i need tips plz help should i leave them alone?

dear iloveujack...

Hmm, well I'd wait. He has a girlfriend remember? And you really don't want to turn into the girl who goes out with guys who already have girlfriends. You'd get a bad reputation.

I'd say just stay friends with him. If there's something worng, help him, if he needs someone to talk to, you should be the one he does talk to.
And who knows?! He might break up with her and fall for you! :)

Good Luck,

love spaznose

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