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Wednesday, 21 October 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 09:21

Sorry i haven't posted in while it's because i wanted to leave the contests at the top for a bit longer but i've decided to start posting again now!

So once again stardoll has lauunched the PSP campaign again for people in the U.K so we won't need to use a proxy(YEAH!!). I also like the fact that they have put the dates of release on top of the gfts aswell.But obviously the best thing has to be the free purple SCOOTER that we will get on halloween.....I can't wait for it!!

here is the link to the free stuff-
And for the american users you need to use a proxy to access them like

Free Nintendo DS on stardoll-

Use a dutch/Netherland proxy to get it like
and then type this in the browsing bar-
to recieve the DS for Free!!

There also have been rumours going around on stardoll about free Amy Diamond clothes but i decided not to post until i was sure they were free.....turns out that you only get the clothes if you buy her CD as it has a code written on it which will access the clothes so not free afterall!!

if you would like 2 gifts then all you have to do is just enter a halloween contest in the post below this one and tell me either in comments which one you want to enter or in my guestbook and your stardoll username so i can give you your free gifts for entering the contest!!
The Gifts will be form my other user fabfalah123 so if u don't recieve them from floppy786 don't think i lied because it will be sent from my other user!!

(everything in red/blue you can go to the link by clicking on it)

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