Editor's Letter!

Sunday, 4 October 2009 , Posted by sweet_mag at 04:11

This week has been a very, VERY busy week for me i've been running late on almost everything. i thought i would have everything done earlier but then sandro44ka took her time replying to the message i send her about being covergirl so i couldn't do anything until she had found out she was covergirl because i would ruin the surprise So i waited and well i've got everything done on time!!
Some things may be up a bit late like thesweet advice as i've JUST sent it to sarah cuz i had forgotten about it(i'm thinking about putting a calender on her cuz i'm so forgetful) but this week has been an amazing week!!

If you all didn't know i've had the oppurtunity to interview mitchelmusso94 and schmileycyrus to figure out if they are the real mitchel musso and miley cyrus!! so if you have any questions send them to me here or on my user. I will be posting the questions and answers they gave me on the blog so you all know what happened!!

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